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About us

Finesse Interiors & Consultants is a creative interior decoration and consulting company driven by the desire to create designs and spaces that demonstrate our knowledge and expertise. In the industry since 2008, we provide services to both - new construction and renovation markets - in the corporate, residential, retail, food and hospitality arena. Our experience in designing, space planning and fit-out allows us to provide a wide-ranging service, encompassing everything from planning to assessment, execution and maintenance.

Over the years we have carried out the projects that are exemplary in many ways including attractive designs and higher sustainability. These projects have enabled us to work in multiple cities and develop effective and sustainable solutions to resolve key interior challenges. The major ones done in the last few years include:

  • Fit out and soft-fitting of the five pilot pizza stores of Eagle Boys (A 300-stores strong Australian fast food chain specializing in pizza) in India, out of which two were done from scratch till absolute completion.
  • Design, construction and execution of HBN Group's corporate office spanning in 15,400 square feet area with a back office of 130 seats along with 10 executive cabins, separate meeting rooms, lounges and one dedicated VIP section.
  • Designing and execution of numerous residential projects that are attractive and deeply satisfying to our clients.
  • Creative renovations of old residential and commercial buildings in a sustainable and healthful way.
  • Streamlining of in-house production of domestic furniture from our 7500 sq. foot workshop unit in New Delhi (located in the heart of Asia's biggest furniture trade center).